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10 cases when people just took a picture of the landscape, and the result is a story that they will remember for a lifetime

No matter how rapidly our world is digitized, nature will always remain a majestic inspiration not only for artists and writers, but also for millions of people around the world. Someone overcomes thousands of kilometers to Wake up after the vicissitudes of life, and someone finds a child’s dream come to life in expressive landscapes.

  1. An oasis in the desert of Peru looks like a Scheherazade fairy tale come to life
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2. It seems that this boat can go straight to the city of the elves

3. “This journey of almost 1,000 km in Spain was the journey of my life”

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4. “We spent a week on lake Como in Northern Italy, and this is probably a photocopy of Paradise on earth”

5. “I can’t believe that all these years I’ve been missing out on my own country”

6. “My trip to Nepal”

7. “I have traveled very little in my country. So I fell in love with Grand Teton national Park”

8. “Adventure week in the Italian Dolomites. Covered about 115 km”

9. “I spent 4 days camping in the distant Algerian Sahara-just me and a local guide. I took a million photos, but this is one of my favorites”

10. “This planet never ceases to amaze me with its beauty”

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