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10 cases when the chef was original with serving dishes, but did not say how to eat them

Only in Moscow there are about 3 thousand restaurants, in Paris there are about 45 thousand, and in Tokyo — 148 thousand. And this is not counting cafes, bars, coffee shops and other public catering establishments. Of course, in the face of such fierce competition, business owners are ready to resort to any methods to get and surprise customers. And the original serving of dishes is one of these ways.

  1. “If they bring me this in a restaurant, I can’t guarantee control myself”
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2. “They put my iced tea in a bag and hung it up”

3. “Minutes before the crash”

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4. “They brought me a drink in a small bath”

5. This noodles were immediately carefully wrapped on sticks

6. “And how am I supposed to eat it?”

7. “Yes, it’s ice cream in a cactus”

8. “Are you serious?”

9. “We were served a cocktail in an IV bag”

10. “Coffee is in an inverted glass, and you need to drink it from a saucer through a straw”

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