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18 products from online stores that have more oddities than sand in the desert

Today it is impossible to imagine your daily life without online shopping. Online stores attract customers to their networks in every possible way and sometimes offer such products, from the very sight of which even a severe biker can fall into a slight shock and suspended animation.

  1. “I was looking for an unusual ring, this option struck me on the spot. It seems that you can no longer spend money on a manicure. Down with monthly pumping out of money!”
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2. Boots that break your brain and automatically round your eyes

3. Bag for $ 1,275

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4. It turns out that to be fashionable, you don’t have to spend money, just dig into your children’s toys

5. Are your feet warm and your toes and heel cold?

6. No comments

7. Custom – made Slippers that look like your dog

8. “When it’s already cold and you’re an idiot in sandals”

9. “It feels like my dad’s jeans and shirt were borrowed and changed into THIS”

10. “I saw such a cute picture today on a well-known Chinese website”

11. “They look so cool that I was about to buy them… Until I found out that they cost € 21,700”

12. But how many textbooks will fit. And even a gym uniform

13. That’s great! The phone will always drop protecting the screen

14. “Someone from Gucci got to the storage warehouses of Soviet ammunition. Gucci’s Le Bushlate will go on sale for € 1,450. Hundreds of thousands of Russians and residents of the former USSR can now feel “Haute couture“”

15. Dedicated to all Amateur flower growers

16. Warm and windproof pants. Just the thing for a harsh winter!

17. “I hope these handbags will soon be sold in every chain store”

18. “Verily I say unto you, the last times are come. Hotel Slippers for $ 105. Palm Angels”

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