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5 evidence that movies and TV series have affected us much more than we think

Whiling away another evening watching your favorite TV series, we do not attach much importance to this. However, the world of cinema is quite capable of influencing our lives: we begin to use the catch phrases of our favorite characters, travel to the filming locations, and sometimes the series can change the lives of people in an entire country for the better.

  1. Friends
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11 million British women have had their hair cut like Rachel green’s, and in 2020 the signature hairstyle was tried on by young star Selena Gomez. Although Jennifer aniston herself admitted that it is “the ugliest hairstyle in the world.”

Thanks to the series, several slang words have entered everyday American speech. For example, the prefix so in the meaning of “very” replaced the word very and became a favorite among teenagers.

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Before Friends, all the sitcoms on TV were about family. A couple of examples are enough to make it clear what we are talking about: “Alf” — an alien who accidentally settled with an ordinary American family; “Roseanne” — in the center of the story again, the family that the main character is trying to save. “Friends” defies the established rules of sitcoms and embodies the idea that a real family can be not only relatives, but also just people who live next to each other all their lives. And just look at the sitcoms that appeared after the success of “Friends”: and” the Big Bang Theory”, and” How I met your mother”, and many others.

2. Fight club

After the release of the film, real underground fight clubs appeared, which sometimes included teenagers inspired by the story.

But there is also a positive impact: the film, like any cult movie, left its mark on fashion. Bold images in the spirit of Tyler Durden continue to appear on the catwalks even after 20 years, and articles with recommendations on how to dress in the style of the hero brad pitt, do not lose their relevance.

3. Downton Abbey

The Highclere estate, which served as the setting for the history of the Crawley family, was home to a hospital during the First world war. At the present time, the castle has fallen into disrepair and needs to be repaired, but after the shooting of the series, this place has become a real magnet for tourists: a hotel has opened in the castle, and you can also get there on a tour. Lady Fiona Carnarvon, the lady of the manor, takes a positive view of this popularity.

In Britain, old names for children are back in fashion. For example, violet, the name of the Countess-matriarch, was included in the top hundred names for 2013.

4. Twin Peaks

Several fashion designers have released collections inspired by the series. There is a dress in the style of Laura Palmer, and knitted voluminous sweaters created by the fashion house Dior.

The story of a quiet provincial town, where something suspicious is happening, formed the basis of many TV series after “Twin Peaks”.

5. Sex and the City

The famous tutu skirt, which always accompanied Carrie Bradshaw throughout the series, has gained unprecedented popularity and has long settled in the wardrobes and hearts of fashionistas around the world.

In new York, there is a bus tour of Manhattan, passing through the favorite places of the heroines of the series: for example, the pastry shop “Magnolia”, where they bake the very cupcakes that Miranda and Carrie adore.