5 fatal mistakes when changing and refilling engine oil

For trouble-free operation of the internal combustion engine, the use of engine oil recommended by the automaker is required, as well as compliance with the correct algorithm for replacing and topping it up. We looked into the details of this issue and identified five typical mistakes when handling engine oil.

fatal mistakes when changing and refilling engine oil

11. Oil change exactly as recommended by the manufacturer

Motor Oil Top-Up

Most car manufacturers recommend replacing engine oil in passenger cars in the range of 10 thousand-20 thousand km. It would seem that it is easier to pour new oil after the mileage specified in the specifications. However, these recommendations are based on the operation of the machine in ideal or, more precisely, average conditions.

It is more correct to make adjustments for a number of factors. If you regularly drive in traffic jams or other extreme conditions (for example, transporting a heavy load or driving in a sporty manner), it is recommended to change the lubricant at around half of the recommended limit. For example, if the oil change is recommended for 15 thousand km, it is worth updating the lubricant at about 8 thousand km.



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