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7 places you’ll go again and again, even if you don’t really like the cuisine

It would seem, well, what can surprise a modern person who has already tried and revised everything that is possible. But designers still manage to come up with something like this and together with restaurateurs to bring these unthinkable ideas to life. An airplane, a waterfall, and even the sky can become a platform for a restaurant. Don’t believe? See our selection to the end.

  1. Medieval tavern of the XV century in Prague. Here you can eat with your hands and throw food on the floor
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2. Themed restaurant in the form of a plane in China

3. Yellow Treehouse restaurant on the tree in Oakland

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4. The Cave Restaurant in the cave – from the Flintstone family cartoon

5. Underwater restaurant in the Maldives-a dream come true

6. Waterfall restaurant: at Labassin Waterfall in the Philippines, you can dine in a swimsuit

7. Vienna is home to one of the best futuristic restaurants in the world — Steirereck im Stadtpark

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