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A fisherman showed a shark — the symbol of 2020. The shark also has a strange everything: from the color of the skin to the eye of Mike Wazowski

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Fishermen from Indonesia caught an unusual white shark, but it turned out to be a “kinder surprise”. There were strange offspring inside her, and one of the babies had more in common with Mike Wazowski than with their toothy cousins.

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A female white shark was found by fishermen in Maluku province on October 10. The individual was caught in the net and died. The men were going to clean the female for cooking, but when they made an incision on her stomach, they encountered a strange surprise. The shark was pregnant, and one of its cubs was unique, writes Lad Bible.

The first thing the fishermen noticed was the unusual color of both the female and all her offspring. Their skin was a light milky shade, which is not typical of these sharks. At first, the men assumed that the fish were albino, and began to check the color of the animals ‘ eyes. They expected to see red irises, which are characteristic of albinism, but they saw something cooler.

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The fisherman hastened to report his find to the local marine office to hand over the rare baby shark they found.

It turns out that the shark was not only albinism, which is associated with the production of insufficient amounts of melanin, and therefore the pigment that colors his body. In a baby, cyclopia is a congenital malformation in which the embryo forms only one eye out of two.