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Dwayne Johnson had a coronavirus and says it was hard. But people did not believe the Rock and were offended

Actor and wrestler Dwayne Johnson said on the video that he and his family had a coronavirus infection, and asked them to follow COVID-19 prevention measures. Based on the video of the celebrity, he had a very hard time — and if for some commentators it was an occasion to remind about the danger of the disease, others doubted the words of the Rock.

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The highest-paid actor Dwayne Johnson said that he and his family found a coronavirus, September 3 in instagram. The video is 11 minutes long, and in it the celebrity describes how he and his loved ones survived the disease, and encourages fans to follow COVID-19 prevention.
Based on the words of the Rock, he, his wife Lauren Johnson and two young daughters were diagnosed with a coronavirus infection about two and a half weeks ago. The fact that they were ill, including his relatives, became a “blow below the belt”for the actor. Also caught COVID-19 Dwayne Johnson with his wife and children from very close family friends who did not know that they were infected. Fortunately ,the” uncontrolled ” spread of the virus was prevented, says the wrestler.

The wrestler said that even before the illness, he was quite disciplined about the prevention of coronavirus, but now he has implemented new rules — and advised the audience to follow them. One of his recommendations concerns the reception of guests: before the meeting, a person needs to pass a test for coronavirus and come only if the result is negative. In addition, Skala spoke about the need to take care of your health and improve your immune system — take vitamins, drink more water, and so on. The actor did not forget about the masks.
The news that Skala and his family went through the coronavirus was a real surprise for his fans. They were happy that the celebrity recovered, and thanked him for raising awareness of the disease. Many also reminded others about infection prevention.
However, a large part of the commentators simply considered the words of the Rock an exaggeration. After all, in the West (and not only) there are enough people who are sure that the coronavirus is allegedly not as dangerous as it is presented in the media — or that it is a fiction at all.

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