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Kim Kardashian showed a photo in a swimsuit, but everyone is looking at “plastic”. Yes, fans saw the photoshop and are angry

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Kim Kardashian showed a series of photos from a vacation on the island, where she celebrated her birthday, but received Haight as a gift. Commentators criticized the figure of seleba and said that in 40 years to look so “perfect” is impossible. Discontent was replaced by cruel humor and attacks, but the men in the replays pointed out the mistake to the critics.

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The star of the reality show “the Kardashian Family”, a businesswoman and mother of four children – Kim Kardashian – celebrated her birthday on October 21. The sisters of seleba, who turned 40, organized a themed party with a reference to her childhood and Kim’s most memorable birthdays.

Kylie, Kourtney, Kendall and Khloe performed a dance that was “given” to the model for the 10th anniversary. Instead of 40 candles on the cake, Kim “blew out” the number “16”, and the main gift was a rare car, which, according to the idea of relatives, seleba could get in her Teens.

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The party of the star family took place on the island, the coordinates of which are still not disclosed. But on October 26, Kanye West’s wife and possibly future first lady of the United States shared a series of photos from the beach on her Twitter page. Kim posed against a backdrop of palm trees in a Nude swimsuit, glasses and a bandana.

In response to the model’s post, a real scandal broke out in replays: commentators argued over the naturalness of Kim’s forms and assured that the reason for seleba’s “perfect” forms and skin was not in good genetics, but in a lot of money. Haters wrote that the businesswoman promotes unnatural and can’t show off a toned body at 40, forgetting to note plastic surgeons in the pictures.

In addition, Twitter users reminded about the passion of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters for photoshop, which sometimes goes beyond all bounds of reason. For example, the picture of Kim and Kylie in the shower seemed ridiculous not only to commentators, but also to Piers Morgan. And people had questions about the content with Chloe, because it turned out that even videos can be fake.

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