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Musk has Announced Two New Tesla Models

During the reporting conference dedicated to Tesla’s results in the second quarter of 2020, Elon Musk confirmed that the company is developing two new electric cars – a “compact car” and a “high-capacity electric car“.

New Tesla Compact Concept
New Tesla Compact Concept
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It is already known that a new global model is being developed at Giga factory 3 in China. During the ceremony that launched production of the Model 3 sedan, Musk said that the new car will represent “something radical like Cybertruck – something that no one expects.” Later, a design sketch of the new product, similar to the compact version of the Model Y, appeared on the Web.

As for the second model, it can be a 12-seat van that will run through the underground tunnels of the Boring Company. According to Musk’s idea, such cars will be able to become a worthy alternative to traditional public transport and carry up to 1.2 thousand passengers a day, and more than 10 million a year.

Tesla Van Concept
Tesla Van Concept
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It is not yet known when the new models will appear in the Tesla line. Probably, they should not be expected until 2022: next year, the company will be busy bringing to market Cybertrack, the production of which will be set up at a new facility in Texas.

In the near future, Tesla will be focused on a long-playing project, Tesla Semi. The electric truck debuted in 2017, but has yet to get on the Assembly line. The start of production has already been postponed twice: last spring it became known that the serial assembly of the unmanned model will begin only in 2021.

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