NY Times: Economic Disaster is Few Days Away

There are “only a few days left” before a huge “new disaster” in the United States, the author of the publication in The New York Times is sure. The coronavirus pandemic that created a large-scale crisis will lead to another emergency, and the President will not be able to cope with the problem, according to journalist Paul Krugman.
The journalist notes that although it was not Donald Trump who created the problems that the US will still face, it is he who will have to deal with them.

NY Times: Economic Disaster is Few Days Away
NY Times: Economic Disaster is Few Days Away

Krugman points out that only in one state of Florida as many people died from the coronavirus as in the entire European Union, where 20 times more people live.

He emphasizes that at first the presidential administration preferred to simply deny the fact that a new coronavirus infection is a serious threat to the state, after it began to reject warnings that the rapid lifting of the quarantine will inevitably lead to a new outbreak of the disease. He called the actions of Republican governors “reluctant” and “slow”, and the White House chided the lack of any measures at all.


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