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People’s eyes glow an abnormal blue color, but not from happiness. The source of the glow makes them new mutants

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In Indonesia, there was a tribe whose members have an incredible electric blue eye color. The striking anomaly is now admired by many people around the world. However, for an unusual appearance, its owners sometimes have to pay with their health.

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The buton tribe, which lives on the island of the same name in the South-East of Sulawesi, became known all over the world due to its abnormally blue eyes. The incredible appearance of the local inhabitants as if taken from pictures in the style of fantasy.

Their beauty became known through the Indonesian geologist Korchyn Pasaribu. He visited Bouton island on September 17, where he took photos of its striking inhabitants, writes the Daily Mail.

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The geologist himself became interested in shooting life in rural Indonesia back in September 2019. He began to pay special attention to its numerous tribes and cultural heritage.

When he discovered the blue-eyed tribe, he immediately found it very inspiring. He realized how the eyes of these people is unique in its kind.

“They are very friendly and welcoming. They don’t hesitate to take photos, ” Pasaribu told NextShark.

The man shared pictures of the inhabitants of the Bud on instagram, and they attracted the attention of thousands of people. Users were fascinated by the fascinating eyes of Indonesians.

However, the blue eye color of the entire tribe did not appear out of nowhere. The irises acquired this shade due to a rare genetic condition called Waardenburg syndrome.

Waardenburg syndrome can cause hearing loss and changes in hair, skin, and eye pigmentation. Very often, the eyes get a pale blue color, and there is also heterochromia — when the eyes are different colors.

In the tribe itself, it is not uncommon for a person to have one brown eye and the other blue.