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Shiba inu Hina is a professional family photo shredder. One look at her poses and you will understand why

A Shiba inu named Hina became famous on instagram for her unique ability to ruin any photo. The owner takes the pet on camera with her brothers, and a good girl is always on top. She is “the friend” who is ready to provide any frame with a photobomb.

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Japanese Yoko is a yoga instructor and the owner of four wonderful Shiba inu who are always ready to pose for photos for the hostess’s instagram.

Three of the Pets are named Kikko, Sasha and Momo, and in front of Yoko’s camera they always meet the standards of photo shoots-they look at the lens and show the “working” side. The fourth pet of the girl-white-haired Hina-is clearly far from this.

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Hina spoils half of the shared photos with her flatmates.

This problem appeared in the dog as a child. At first, Yoko tried to teach her to pose as others do, but then stopped, because of the directness of the younger Shiba inu, the family became very popular on the Web, writes BoredPanda.
There are 73,000 subscribers to Yoko’s account, and the number continues to grow. Thanks to rebel Hina.

However, there is a ruling on hinu as well. Through trial and error, the owner realized that accessories help the dog to curb its natural charisma.

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