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The dancer’s appearance confuses people — and this is easy to understand. Nature had given him and J. lo the same Face

An ordinary dancer from Puerto Rico looks exactly like the actress and singer Jennifer Lopez and is sure that she won the genetic lottery. The girl performs on stage and appears on TV, but the best moment in her life is a personal meeting with J. Lo, where the star finally found out that her exact copy lives in the world.

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Failures in the matrix are becoming commonplace in the modern world: for example, TikTok users saw an exact copy of Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, and even earlier met with a double of Jesse Pinkman. A girl named Connie Pena from Puerto Rico also knows what it’s like to be mistaken for a celebrity.

Kony became famous in social networks for her visual similarity to the American actress and singer Jennifer Lopez.

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Like the star idol, the girl is engaged in dancing and performs on stage, as well as actively leads social networks, where she surprises people with her appearance. 123 thousand users have subscribed to the girl’s instagram account.

In the comments, Connie often receives compliments from subscribers about how much she resembles the 51-year-old star.

Fans of the Connie are surprised by the reason. The girl often appears in photos in outfits similar to the costumes of celebrities.

As Connie’s fame as a J. Lo lookalike grew, she appeared more and more often on television and dreamed of only one thing — meeting her idol in real life.

And she got the opportunity — during a J.Lo concert in Minnesota in 2019.

“I finally met a legend, my idol, my star. It was something amazing. This woman motivated me and changed my whole life, ” Connie wrote under the instagram photo at the time.

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