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The developer showed his cat and scared people. It’s all about the devil’s eyes, and it’s impossible to look away from them

The indie developer showed his cat, but as a result, scared (well, a little) Twitter users. You can understand them, because the cat looks like a living symbol of Halloween. The reason for this is not only the coal-black fur, but also the wrong bite of the animal, as well as round orange eyes.

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The developer of indie games under the nickname PIGSAW OUT NOW on Sunday, September 6, published a photo of his cat, which made a lot of noise on Twitter.

And a few days before, the user announced his new horror project. But now, after the photos of the cat went online, it will clearly be much easier to attract the attention of gamers to the game. Users (and even those who have never been interested in horror) willingly began to download and install the game, and all thanks to the charismatic koteyke.

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Most likely, the reason for this extravagant appearance is an incorrect bite, which is why the tongue of the animal constantly sticks out. In combination with the coal-black fur, the effect is quite frightening. By the way, the cat’s name is Gremlin (abbreviated Grem), and the owner started a personal instagram for him.

The cat itself, apparently, liked this reaction in the comments very much.

“Thank you, people, for everything you do. You are hares, and I will enslave you last.”