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The Dutchman, who at 53 looks 25, revealed three secrets of eternal youth

Dutch resident Jadson Brandao, who is 53 years old, looks much younger than his years and he shared his secret to Unilad, telling about his lifestyle and approach to proper nutrition.

The Dutchman, who at 53 looks 25, revealed three secrets of eternal youth
Credit: Instagram @edsonsecrets
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The man is 53 years old and looks like a student – he doesn’t look more than 25 years old. At the same time, he claims that he has never been under the knife of a plastic surgeon in his life.

He just spends a lot of time working out, drinks only mineral water, does not smoke, does not drink alcohol. In food, he completely abandoned fried food and all sorts of preservatives and tries to use sugar as rarely as possible, and this is the whole secret of his youth, the publication notes.

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