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The girl considered herself a simpleton and spent a lot of money on plastic surgery. Now you don’t recognize it, but this is just the beginning

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The canadian spent a fortune on plastic surgery, and now it is difficult to recognize her friends. But despite the dramatic changes in appearance, she does not even think to stop there. After all, to the owner of the perfect body, according to the lady, she is still very far away.

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Serena Smith from Toronto, Canada, spent more than 15 thousand pounds on plastic surgery. Since childhood, the girl dreamed of becoming like Pamela Anderson or Paris Hilton, because she was dissatisfied with her appearance, writes the Sun. It seemed to the lady that in her natural data there is no zest that would attract all guys.

In the end, the canadian decided: without plastic surgery can not do. In December 2016, when Serena turned 18, she first turned to a plastic surgeon. The girl wanted to quickly increase her Breasts by a couple of sizes, but she did not stop at one procedure. Miss Smith was still not happy with her face, so she added fillers and Botox to her lips and cheekbones.

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However, these metamorphoses in appearance soon gave results. On the streets, guys began to stare at Serena, and after a while her personal life improved. The girl met a 29-year-old guy named Tyler, who, by the way, asked his beloved to stop experimenting on himself. But the lady did not listen to him.

“My boyfriend tells me to stop because I’m already pretty, but I just can’t do it.”

Despite the fact that miss Smith’s heart is busy, she is always happy when she notices the eyes of men on her. According to Serena, strangers on the streets even ignore their wives and children, just to look after her.

Nevertheless, the girl still regularly enlarges her lips, making her boyfriend jealous of almost every man, but this is just the beginning. Serena plans to have another breast augmentation surgery, rhinoplasty, as well as a procedure to change the shape of the chin and buttock implantation.

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