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The girl is always being harassed on the street, but you can understand people. Of course, she’s a double of Audrey Hepburn

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The animator from England was shy about her appearance since childhood, until people explained the main thing to her: she is so similar to the fashion model and actress Audrey Hepburn that she can easily pass for her reincarnation.

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A girl named Hannah Barker from Essex is used to the fact that passers-by constantly turn around when she walks down the street, writes the daily Mail. If some beauties attract people’s attention with their unearthly appearance, then in the case of an Englishwoman, her incredible similarity to a famous actress and model works.

Hannah was 15 years old when people began to pay her compliments and focus on how much she looks like the actress, model, dancer and star of the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Audrey Hepburn.

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At first, the girl did not take the words of strangers seriously, but soon began to look at herself in the mirror and came to the conclusion that she really looks like a celebrity.

However, unlike Audrey, who earned a living by acting in films and becoming an icon of the film industry, Hannah is not a star profession at all: she works as an animator.

Even at children’s parties, people often ask the girl if she is related to the Hepburn.

As the girl admitted, she was not sure about her appearance before, but the comparisons seemed very flattering to her.

“For many years I was self-conscious, and now I am compared to one of the most beautiful women in the Universe. This is so weird. I am told that I am her double, and I am beginning to believe it myself.”

Over time, the girl began to do the same makeup that Audrey Hepburn wore, which further enhanced her resemblance to the star.

“I’ve watched all the movies with her and now I can’t help copying her accent and manner. The most difficult thing to do is to make the same eyebrows as Audrey, but in addition to this, I also use eyeliner, contouring, and also style my hair.”

According to Hanna, she sees her lifestyle as a fun cosplay, but is not going to stop yet, because the resemblance to the star helps the girl to believe in herself. For even greater similarity with celebritie, the animator even bought a corset.

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