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The girl saw the Bratz doll and fell in love. Now they fall in love with her: 100 operations – and she is a copy of the toy

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A resident of England spent a fortune to get the body of her dreams. The girl is obsessed with the idea of turning into a Bratz doll and gradually goes to this goal, radically changing her appearance. Behind her shoulders, says the British woman, more than 100 plastic surgeries, and she is not going to stop.

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Star Delguidice, from Birmingham, had her first plastic surgery as soon as she turned 18, writes the Sun. The girl, as often happens, was dissatisfied with her appearance and, with the help of surgeons, became, as she herself believes, more beautiful. However, for a long time, the British woman could not decide on the style and image, but eventually realized that she wanted to be like a Bratz doll.

On the way to her dream, the girl has already spent 240 thousand pounds and does not regret it. Moreover, Delguidice there are still a few operations that also leaves her a lot of money. Star plans to replace breast implants and get a facelift.

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“I’ve been using Botox for 10 years, but now I need to lower my forehead slightly to correct my hairline — it’s too high right now. It’s all expensive, I know, but I’ve always adored Bratz dolls.”

However, seeing the reaction of people to their appearance, the British once again makes sure that everything is done correctly. She told reporters that strangers constantly say compliments to her, and there is no end of fans at all.

Plastic surgery is addictive, and Delguidice agree with that. Every trip to the surgeon for a girl is a real holiday, however, before the start of the procedure, Star is always nervous, but negative emotions go away when the British woman sees the final result.