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The girl spent $135,000 to become a Barbie. And now, like the doll, she doesn’t work, because they don’t take she anywhere

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The model dreamed of being like a Barbie doll and spent $ 135,000 on plastic surgery, but it seems that she overdid it. After numerous transformations, the girl not only looks like a doll, but also cosplays her carefree lifestyle, because no one takes a beauty to work.

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Barbara Luna Sipos from Budapest saw a Barbie doll for the first time as a child and immediately fell in love with it. But if for some grown-up girls, the desire to cosplay doll is limited to a make-up reincarnation, then Barbara went the other way and literally turned into a Barbie, writes Yahoo.

Initially, the girl did not set a goal to transform herself through plastic surgery — she just liked the image of a doll.

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“My first childhood memory is playing with Barbie dolls. And much later, I wanted to look like a fantasy character or a live doll, ” said Luna.

And gradually this desire became so strong that Sipos realized that dreams need to be realized, and the only way to do this is to decide on plastic surgery.

Barbara first came to the surgeons in 2015, when she was 17 years old. It was a breast augmentation procedure.

A year later, in 2016, the girl met her future husband, who also loved plastic surgery and sought to look like a toy. He paid for several new operations for Barbara, spending 134.8 thousand dollars on them.

By the age of 22, Luna had undergone 10 plastic procedures. Several times the girl enlarged her Breasts, making it bigger by as much as four sizes for 19 thousand dollars. This was followed by a $ 10,000 Brazilian butt lift and a seven-thousand-dollar vaginal operation.

Barbara had two rhinoplastics worth about $ 16,000, several operations to reduce the chin and change the shape of the jaw, each of which also cost $ 16,000.

The girl decided on an eyebrow lift for 6.5 thousand dollars, a lip lift for three thousand dollars and increased her lips with filler for eight thousand dollars.

According to Barbara, she never considered herself ugly, but wanted to look perfect, and the operations allowed her to raise her self-esteem. At the same time, all the procedures had a negative consequence — the model had to quit her job as a Secretary, because ” her aura and charisma drove men crazy.”

According to the girl, the reason for her dismissal lies in the fact that we still live in a Patriarchal society. However, despite this, the model likes to attract men, and she hopes to find a new faithful husband after the divorce.

Another disadvantage of being a live Barbie is a lack of understanding. Many people think Barbara is stupid because of her appearance.
Despite not being able to find a job, the model does not regret having done 10 operations, and does not exclude the possibility of new ones in the future.