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The girl was proud that in six months in the gym she had lost almost twice as much weight. Until I found out who actually took the weight

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The sports fan was training in the gym and actively engaged in sports when she quickly began to lose weight. However, the girl soon realized why she was actually losing weight and that, alas, not physical exercise, but a deadly disease was behind her slimness.

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Molly Parkinson, from Morecambe, England, is 19 and started going to the gym in January 2020 with high hopes. The girl regularly attended training every evening and soon noticed positive changes in her weight, writes the Daily Mail.

“I went to the gym every night, I was in really good shape. I started losing a lot of weight, ” Molly said.

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Since then, the weight began to rapidly go away. For six months of training, the girl lost 19 kilograms, which was almost a third of her weight. Everything was going well, and Molly admired her new shape. However, a mysterious chest pain soon added to the rapid weight loss.

The girl decided that the pain was due to stretched muscles, but after a while it did not disappear. Then Molly went to the doctor.

At the first visit, the therapist also decided that the pain was related to physical activity, but at the second appointment, Molly already came with a strange lump on her neck. Then the doctor immediately sent the girl to donate blood for analysis.

“When I found the lump, all my family and friends said I had nothing to worry about because I was young. They tried to calm me down, but I had a bad feeling” the girl shared.

Molly was right. Doctors found the patient had a tumor with a diameter of 13 cm, and it turned out to be malignant. The girl was then diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma — a rare form of blood cancer.

“I was scared, it was so unreal, because I never thought about cancer and didn’t feel sick, to this day I don’t feel like that. I used to ride my bike every day and still go to the gym, so it was a terrible surprise for me.”

The girl was prescribed a course of chemotherapy to treat the second stage of cancer, which continues to this day. In Molly’s opinion, the symptoms of her illness were very easy to ignore, especially when she was exercising.

“I don’t know if I would have noticed it earlier if I hadn’t gone to the gym. I thought the exercise caused the pain. It was very easy to ignore.”

Molly admits that the course of chemotherapy is really difficult. However, she tries not to despair and fight on. The girl also helps the cancer Foundation by raising funds for it.

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