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The girl was thin and was afraid to get fat, but decided to change. Now she is a bodybuilder, and her figure is aerobatics

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A resident of Australia tried to be thin, ate at a minimum and was afraid to get fat, but eventually gave up this lifestyle and became a bodybuilder. Now her figure is admired by men and envied by women, and the girl herself realized how much she was mistaken in trying to be petite.

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Meg Kimura has been trying to be a skinny girl since she was a teenager, writes Next Shark. She was afraid that her friends and classmates would mock her if they saw in her figure extra pounds that you can earn money. This way of life did not bring the Australian woman to good — she developed an eating disorder.

“The cultural norms of my background idealize thinness, but mostly I was pressured by my social circle.”

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When Meg turned 17, she decided it was time to change something. As a result, the girl began to regularly go to the gym, believing that these classes will correct her health. Soon the habit of going to a fitness club turned into a passion, and three years later Kimura met a guy who introduced her to the world of bodybuilding.

“I truly believe that being healthy and being able to train is a blessing that not everyone is lucky enough to have.”

In 2020, Meg celebrated her 27th birthday and found the calling of her life — she works as a fitness trainer. The Australian, she says, has been working towards this goal for a long time, and now helps other girls get the body of their dreams.

“I wanted to become a coach for many years, but I postponed the goal because of self-doubt. Today, a client told me that she was eating more and exercising better. This is music to my ears.”

Kimura also noted that her father instilled a love of sports in her. According to her, even while working, he always found a minute to do a warm-up, and on his free days, he maintained his health through physical activity.

The girl advises everyone who wants to start a healthy lifestyle, do not postpone this idea for later. It is enough to drink more water and go to the gym at least twice a week. According to her, the main thing is not to overload yourself and set achievable goals.

“Spend your time wisely, train and develop your passions.”

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