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The son complained of a sore throat, but the parents did not understand what was wrong. The cause was found by doctors, and it was alive

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The boy complained to his parents about a sore throat and migraines, but they did not understand what was wrong with their son. Treatment at home did not give any result, so mom and dad took him to a doctor’s appointment. Doctors were able to determine the cause of the disease, and it is alive — literally.

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A five-year-old child from the Chinese province of Yunnan in 2019 began complaining to his parents that he had a headache and throat, writes the Daily Mail.

Mom and dad did not attach much importance to this and decided that the son just caught a cold. Home treatment did not bring results-the symptoms did not go away. Despite this, the family was not particularly worried about this topic.

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In 2020, parents still decided to take their son to the doctor, but even they sometimes can’t help. Doctors conducted an initial examination and also did not find anything suspicious at first.

However, then they decided to give the boy a CT scan of the head and found the cause of the pain: in the nasal cavity there was a live leech that had grown to a decent size, which serve as Pets for some people.

Specialists made the only, in their opinion, correct decision — to perform the operation. During surgery, the leech was removed from the boy’s body, and now he can breathe deeply.

When the young patient regained consciousness, the doctors talked to him. Based on his testimony, they concluded that the leech larva entered the baby’s body after he drank contaminated tap water.