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The woman won millions, but has been working in the store for 25 years since. Why? Only the descendants of the peasants will understand.

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An elderly woman from the British Outback in 1995 became a millionaire thanks to winning the lottery, but did not give up night shifts at the supermarket. For the last 25 years, a rich woman finds reasons not to leave her job, and after learning about them, you can decide that she was lucky long before winning.

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Helen Thompson, from the small British borough of North Tyneside, has been going to the supermarket for several decades by the age of 64 to work the night shift-putting goods on the shelves. The woman looks like an ordinary pensioner, but sometimes the eyes can deceive us.

The fact is that Helen could have long ago quit night shifts and run her own business, or even stop working at all, because she is a millionaire, reports The Mirror.

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In 1995, Thompson won 2.7 million pounds, but decided not to leave the job.

“My husband and I are from a worker-peasant family, and we believe that money should not spoil people. I love my job, I love my bosses. I like what I do, so I decided that I would not change my life, ” Helen admitted.

An important reason that forced the woman to stay in the supermarket was her children. According to Helen, she didn’t want the money to spoil them, because it can happen.

“They should know that nothing just falls from the sky. If you want to get something, work, ” Thompson said.