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TOP 10: the most terrifying sea monsters you might not have known existed

Did you know that terrible creatures live on the bottom of the ocean? The truth is that we know more about our Universe than we do about the oceans on our own planet. In fact, even to this day, we are discovering new creatures hiding in the depths where even the sunlight does not penetrate. To be honest, some of these deep-sea creatures are pretty creepy. Here are the scariest sea monsters you didn’t know about!

  1. Cymothoa exigua
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We’ll start with a small one. This terrible creature enters the fish through the gills, eats its tongue, and then sticks to the place where it used to be.

2. Chimaera

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Rat fish or Ghost Fish, the Chimaera is known as one of the oldest fish in existence today. They live very deep in the dark, so the appearance of this monster is sure to be reflected in your nightmares.

3. Frilled shark

With a triple row of sharp teeth, this deep sea shark can wreak havoc on anything it catches.

4. Terrible-claw lobster

5. Tardigrade

Although most of the creatures on our list are quite large, these are quite tiny. Even … microscopic! What is strange about them is their strength. They can survive at almost any temperature, as well as live without water for more than ten years!

6. Ocean Sunfish (Mola)

Also known as Sunfish or Moonfish, it sounds good, doesn’t it? But, think again, because it weighs more than 900 kg! And although the fish won’t attack you (it feeds on jellyfish), it can make quite a frightening impression when you see the fish with the heaviest bones approaching you!

7. Giant squid

These monsters can grow up to 18 meters in length. And their eyes are as big as beach balls! And Yes, their food cravings are as bad as you can imagine. They grab their prey with their tentacles and then shove it into their beak. The squid then grinds it with its tongue covered in teeth before the food enters the esophagus. This is very similar to a meat grinder.

8. Megamouth shark

Discovered in 1976, this huge shark attracts plankton with light that comes from its mouth. Don’t swim into the light!

9. Eurypharynx pelecanoides

Given that these marine creatures live at depths of thousands of meters, little is known about them. But we know for sure that the fish’s huge jaws allow it to swallow prey as large as itself.

10. Goblin shark

Just looking at this shark will make most of us shudder. Moreover, it seems that the mouth of these truly terrifying creatures separates during the hunt to quickly grab prey.

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