10 science-based reasons to have a cat

If you want health and ease, take a cat. Daily. To the maximum dose.

They are soft, fluffy, playful, they have luxurious tails and a soothing rolling purr. Even photos or videos with cats can instantly improve your mood! But we found several more serious reasons to become a cat owner as soon as possible.

1Reason to get a cat: Your heart will be thankful

Reasons to get a cat
Reason to get a cat: Your heart will be thankful

A cat meeting you at home and purring on your lap in the evening is a great way to reduce your daily stress level. And where there is less stress, there is less load on the heart and blood vessels.

In General, it is not surprising that the risk of death from cardiovascular diseases in the owners of these tailed animals is significantly lower than in those who did not think of having a cat.

Yes, scientists are quite categorical: they call the purchase of a purring beast an excellent strategic decision for those who are concerned about heart health.



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