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12 addictive series from Netflix that make you shiver

Netflix is not just a streaming service. Since 2012, the company has been actively working on creating its own products. You’ve probably heard of “House of Cards” or “Orange Is the New Black”. Original movies and TV series have won the hearts of people all over the world, and the number of subscribers is growing every year. We have compiled a selection of Netflix series specifically for our readers.

  1. Le Bazar de la Charité
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A French mini-series based on real events. In 1897, a fire broke out at a charity Bazaar in Paris. It killed approximately 126 people, mostly women from high society. At the center of the story are three ladies whose lives are turned upside down after this terrible day.

2. Sick Note

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The main character Daniel, played by Rupert Grint, works for the insurance company “We will cover everything”. His life is typical and boring: he is always late for work, plays on the console in the evenings, pays little attention to his girlfriend. Everything changes when the hero is told that he has cancer. Others immediately change their attitude to Daniel and begin to overprotect him. The young man gets used to caring and helpful people, but suddenly finds out that the doctor made a mistake with the diagnosis.

3. The Hook Up Plan

Another French TV series set in Paris. The main character Elsa suffers from loneliness. She had endured an unthinkable number of betrayals and breakups and was completely desperate to find a mate. Best friends can not calmly watch the emotional torment of Elsa, so they go to the escort service for help.

4. Caliphate

Fans of dark Scandinavian TV series, your time has come. This story is about a national security agent named Fatima. She receives a message that a terrorist attack is being prepared against Sweden. The plot is very dark, because the creators plausibly drew portraits of radicals and explained where their “wives” and “sisters” come from, who are ready to do anything for the idea.

5. Sweet Magnolias

The story is based on a series of novels by Cheryl Woods. Three friends from childhood live in a small American town and together cope with difficulties and adversities. Red-haired Maddie has a difficult divorce period, and careerist Helen has problems with her personal life. It seems that Dan sue — the owner and chef of the restaurant-is doing great, but this is an illusion. One day, the friends decide to create a joint business. They are building a Spa center “Cute magnolias”, where all customers can get attention and gentle care.

6. Dare Me

Two high school friends Eddie and Beth do cheerleading together. But the relationship between them changes dramatically when the team has a new coach — Collet French. Eddie and Beth become rivals. Also, the situation is heated by a shocking criminal event that shocked all the residents of a small town. If you like crime dramas, this series is for you. No spoilers, but the last two episodes are particularly good.

7. Karppi

Detective Sofia Karppi went head first into work to cope with the terrible grief. She gets a strange case: a woman was found on the site of a planned construction site in Helsinki, and the evidence found does not add up. Newbie enthusiast Sakari Nurmi will help Karppi. During the investigation, the partners will unravel a tangle of political and business intrigues.

8. Dix pour cent 

Employees of the famous ASK Agency are well aware that the world of show business is full of high-profile scandals and intrigues. Employees have a lot of trouble: they are constantly faced with nosy journalists, capricious actors and harsh Directors. But things get a million times more complicated when one of the founders dies. On the shoulders of the four main characters falls the burden of incredible responsibility for the fate of the Agency.

9. Baby

This Italian series is about the complex relationship between teenagers and their parents. What is better — to raise a child in fear and keep it in a tight grip, or give it complete freedom? The answer to this question can be found in the history of Schoolgirls Chiara and Ludovica.

10. Zone Blanche

The action of the Franco-Belgian series takes place in the small town of Villefranche. It is as if it is cut off from the rest of the world: there is no telephone connection, and it is located on the edge of a mysterious forest. There are many mysterious and unsolved crimes in this area, one of which is the case of the mayor’s daughter who disappeared six months ago. In the course of the story, the audience learns a lot about the inadequacy of the inhabitants of Villefranche.

11. Biohackers

Here is a German Thriller about illegal genetic experiments. The main character is a student of the biology Department named MIA. She, along with other students and a teacher, turns plants into musical instruments, makes mice glow in the dark, and so on. But the heroine does this for a reason — she wants revenge. The fact is that the girl lost her parents and brother. She is sure that the fault lies with her teacher.

12. Love 101

If you want to watch a light story about love for yourself and others, this Turkish TV series will perfectly cope with the task. The plot centers on 17 — year-old renegade teenagers who want to be expelled. Only one teacher saves them from this fate. But here’s the problem: in two months, she is going to transfer to another institution, and next year the guys will definitely be kicked out. Then the students come up with a plan: to arrange the personal life of their teacher and the new school coach, so that she does not think of leaving anywhere.

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