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Hackers wanted to hack a blogger, but they attacked the wrong one. The guy called the smart guys by their first names, and their reaction is great

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The blogger showed on the video one of the ways to play online scammers. The guy contacted Internet scammers on the Network, hacked the computer of one of them, called the fraudster and called him by his real name. The victim’s reaction was worth all the effort.
Jim Browning is a youtuber and programmer with an army of millions of subscribers. The blogger specializes in exposing Internet scams. Every day, Jim searches for dubious ads or fraudulent sites on the Internet, contacts hackers and pretends to buy into their bait. As a rule, a blogger calls cybercriminals online, and then allows them to remotely look into their computer system.

Fraudsters examine the PC, being sure that they will see the usernames, passwords and other personal data of the owner, but Jim meets them fully armed. Scammers can not find anything interesting, while the programmer himself is actively studying the profiles of uninvited guests.

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According to Browning, hackers do not even suspect that the blogger is sitting in their computer at this time, and special software helps him in this. In one of his videos, YouTube showed how it works. In the summer of 2020, he found the website of a brokerage company on the Internet, which he identified as fake.

The youtuber contacted allegedly representatives of the company, whose contacts were indicated on the page, and pretended that he wanted to use the services of the organization. In response, he received an offer to call, but only online and through a special program.

Jim was familiar with this technique. With the help of third-party programs that the user voluntarily installs on their computer, it is very easy for a fraudster to get into the system — at least to be able to remotely monitor the victim’s screen.

Being confident in its security, the blogger installed the program on his additional empty computer without fear, and warned the audience of his video — most likely, the average user will not even notice that someone has invaded his PC.

As soon as the call started, the fake brokers asked Browning to make the first cash payment for their services. At this stage, according to Jim, the main thing is not to relax. There was no need for fraudsters to charge money from the guy’s card and make him nervous ahead of time.

The youtuber did not share its data. Instead, he secretly got into the computer system of one of the interlocutors through an additional PC and opened his Skype.

After digging through the documents of the interlocutor, blogger found something interesting. He found a traveler’s check that showed that the unknown person was from the Indian state of Nagaland. Moreover, the real name of the man was indicated on the document.

Finally, Jim remembered that at the beginning of the online conversation, the man had introduced himself as John, and moved on to action.

“John, tell me your real name,” the blogger told the pseudo-editor.

The man was taken aback, which was not the case with Browning.

“You have an unusual name, Shelomo. You’re from Nagaland, aren’t you?”

The rascal tried to control himself, but his anxious voice confused all the cards. For a few more minutes, he tried to pretend that nothing had happened, and then he passed out. As the author of the video admitted, after that, a panic started in the scammers ‘ chat on Skype.

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