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17 photos that have more drama than any movie

Federal channels, like no other, know that the people of ancient times demanded two things: bread and circuses. And that’s probably why Prime-time shows are so spectacular, no matter what you turn on. However, the real passion is not only in the studios. Often life itself throws us such scenes, against which literally everything that happens on numerous shows pales.

  1. “I ordered a salad for $ 12”
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2. “A photo taken a second before I fell on the splits, thinking I could ride it like roller skates”

3. The Picture Of The “Fatherhood»

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4. “This is my lunch today, which took me more than half an hour to prepare”

5. “A photo of me getting hit in the face with someone’s cap on a roller coaster”

6. “My wife’s charger broke and part of it got stuck in her phone”

7. “I’ve been buying Bay leaves like a complete dumbass all this time, and there’s a Bay tree growing at my front door. I have lived here for more than a year”

8. “I was washing the car in a contactless car wash when suddenly work stopped. I looked around, and there it is”

9. “You can’t go to the toilet in this house”

10. “Dropped a can of tuna in the sink drain”

11. “My two hens (I have 10 in total) like to sneak up on my dog and peck at its soft spot”

12. “It doesn’t seem to work that way”

13. “Photo of my little brother. Try to find it here”

14. It doesn’t seem to work that way, part 2

15. This photo is so loud that you can even hear it

16. “A photo taken when my boyfriend was bitten by a squirrel”

17. Does anyone understand what’s going on here?

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