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4 Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe During the Summer Heat

We all know well how difficult the heat could be for your pets to bear. Therefore, we collected some efficient tips that may help you keep your pets safe and cool in a heatwave.

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What does it mean when your cat or dog sticks out their tongue?
The first thing you must know is that our beloved “good boys and girls” cannot sweat in a manner that we are all tend to think of. They sweat through their foot pads, but as the surface of their foot pads is too small it doesn’t help them much to cool down. Though they reduce their body temperature by panting.

Avoid Dehydration

Dehydration is one of the most common problems. The access to plenty of fresh drinking water is crucial. For instance you can provide them with a running fountain for drinking.

Prevent Overheating

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In addition to dehydration our pets are at risk of overheating. Our pets love their soft cozy beds, though in summer it may be too warm to sleep in. It’s always a good idea to provide them with some other options to lie on, including self-cooling beds/mats and damp towels.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Keep them shaded, preferably away from direct sunlight. It’s better to avoid walking your dog in the sun during the sizzling summer days. It’s more sensible to reschedule your walks for early morning or evening as the air isn’t as boiling hot as at midday.

Enclosed Space

You must not leave your pets in an enclosed space, such as a hot car, under any circumstances. Parking in the shade and leaving windows open would not guarantee the safety of your pets. It’s your moral obligation and your responsibility to plan your day ahead, so they are never left alone in such conditions.

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