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A man 17 years lived with a worm in his brain and didn’t know about it. The neighborhood was good, but only for one of them

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A man from China for 17 years complained of malaise and thought that the health problems are due to genetics, but in vain. The doctors gave him an MRI and realized that all this time the patient shared the brain with an uninvited neighbor, and he was very ungrateful.

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According to Unilad, a 23-year-old young man from the Eastern Chinese province of Jiangsu for 17 years periodically experienced malaise, numbness of the limbs, nausea and suffered from headaches, but ignored his symptoms.

According to the patient, it was difficult for his parents to move their limbs, so he decided that his health problems were due to genetics. In 2015, when the guy completely lost sensitivity in the right half of the upper body, he finally decided to go to the doctor and get a specialist consultation.

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“I couldn’t feel my hands, couldn’t move them. I couldn’t feel the upper half of my body and I was scared, ” Chen said.

At first, doctors were confused by the symptoms of the Chinese and at first decided that the infection could have occurred as a result of eating raw or poorly prepared exotic snake or frog meat. However, after doctors performed a CT scan of Chen’s head, they realized that neither the genetics nor the poisoning were relevant to the patient’s case.

A long, twisted parasite was found in his brain, which triggered the rare disease sparganosis Mansoni in Chen. Once in the body, the worm caused a serious infection, gradually “eating” the brain and disrupting its functions, which affected the man’s motor skills and intelligence.

Despite the fact that the diagnosis was made, it was impossible to operate on the guy, because the parasite was in the wrong place at the time and it was impossible to remove it safely, without causing harm to its “owner”.

Chen was operated on only in 2020, and doctors found that during the stay in the brain of the Chinese worm grew to 12 centimeters. But now, if he was still alive, he would have to find a new home.