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Adele put on a bikini, braided her hair — and hurt the feelings of dark-skinned people. However, not everyone is offended

Singer Adele decided to add more national Jamaican flavor to her outfit for the carnival. As a result, the celebrity was hit by a wave of Haight in social networks. Only here it seems that not those who were really supposed to be offended were offended, because the Jamaicans themselves liked the image very much.

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On Monday, August 31, singer Adele posted a picture on her instagram, where she poses in a bright swimsuit of the colors of the Jamaican flag. The star’s photo is dedicated to the Notting Hill carnival in London.

A colorful celebration of Afro-Caribbean culture is held annually on the last weekend of August to bring together people from different backgrounds and backgrounds. However, this year, due to the pandemic, the event was moved online.

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In any case, the theme of the holiday explains why Adele decided to dress in a “Jamaican swimsuit” and braid her hair in an African style.
However, many social media users were confused by the fact that Adele’s hair is gathered in bunches that resemble traditional hairstyles of the Bantu peoples. Not having understood what was happening, they hastened to criticize the singer for the politically incorrect, in their opinion, outfit.

The fact is that it is not always possible for speakers of one culture to use elements of another as entertainment, since members of minorities can be offended by such borrowing. For example, dressing up in a kimono without being Japanese is cultural appropriation. Even if you love Japan with all your heart.

In this case, the borrowing of cultural elements seems quite justified. However, many fans were dissatisfied.

At the same time, many people stood up for the girl. So, some users were surprised that for some reason it is the black residents of the States who are most outraged, while the residents of Jamaica are not offended.

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