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Facts that will tell you what really happened on the sets of famous TV series

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Shooting TV series is not an easy process, especially if we are talking about high-quality projects. Behind the fascinating stories lies the painstaking work of costume designers, decorators, production operators, and voice coaches. The work of actors is also not easy: sometimes you have to walk for 11 hours with gel-stained hair or endure the screams of a baby covered in cream cheese and jelly.

  1. The Handmaid’s Tale
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For each maid made a special tag-tracker on the ear with an individual number. The main character, played by Elisabeth moss, was given the number 1985, which coincides with the year when Margaret Atwood’s novel the handmaid’s Tale was published.

Almost all the paintings that are in the house of commander Waterford are replicas of the exhibits of the Boston Museum of fine arts. This is due to the plot of the series: the producers assumed that as soon as the government falls, representatives of the new government will definitely take something from the masterpieces of art to their personal collection.

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According to Elisabeth moss, the most terrible scene was the shooting of childbirth in season 2. The actress said that the role of the newborn Nicole was played by several babies. One of them was daubed with cream cheese and jelly to give him the appearance of a newly born baby. The child did not like this strange substance very much, so he cried and shouted at the top of his voice right in the actress’s ear, making it difficult for her to concentrate.

2. Killing Eve

Villanelle is a highly skilled Hitman. She goes on assignments all over Europe, so she is fluent in several languages, including French and Italian. But the actress Jodi comer speaks only English. The problem was also complicated by the fact that comer is from Liverpool, so there is a strong local accent in her speech. In order for the actress to cope well with the role, she was assigned to work with a voice coach. “When we were shooting in Tuscany, I was assigned an entire Italian team. I said, ” Guys, if I say anything wrong, let me know.” Which they did, ” says Jody.

In season 1, Villanelle and Eva run into each other in the kitchen at some point. In this scene, the killer tries to revive eve, so she throws cold water over her from head to toe. The hair of Sandra O, who plays Eva, had to be wet, and it was necessary to maintain the effect of wet hair for 11 hours. To do this, a whole bath of very bad and cheap gel was poured on the actress’s thick hair. And in between takes, her hair was additionally sprayed with glycerin.

3. Downton Abbey

The actors ‘ costumes were forbidden to be washed. In an interview, actress Sophie Mcshera, who played Daisy (the cook’s assistant), shared that the actors had special patches sewn into their armpits, which were washed separately. The ban on Laundry was introduced because costume designer Anna Robbins and her team were striving for maximum historical authenticity, and there was no dry cleaning at that time.

Queen Elizabeth is a fan of “Downton Abbey”. She even pointed out factual errors that she noticed in some episodes. For example, the Queen noticed that in the series, a soldier of the First world war wears medals that were established during the Second world war.

4. The Witcher

On the set of the series, Henry Cavill almost went blind. He admitted that it was all the fault of the lenses that he had to wear for the role. He was warned that they should not be worn for more than a few hours in a row, but the actor did not want to leave the image in between takes.
As a result, during filming in the Canaries, Cavill got into the eyes of volcanic sand dust and scratched his cornea. It was painful for the actor to look at the light, so he hid in the shadows. But fortunately, Cavill’s vision is intact, and He no longer contradicts his ophthalmologist.

Yennefer had a complicated past: a hump and problems with her jaw. When the actress played these episodes, she had to wear a mouth guard, which caused her great discomfort. Because of it, Anya Chalotra had ulcers in her mouth, but despite the pain, the cap helped her get used to the image.

5. The Young Pope

The Vatican authorities did not allow the film crew to enter the Holy of holies, but this did not prevent the creators of the series. 40 builders and 25 artists worked for almost 2 months to create a full-size copy of the Sistine chapel.

Jude law admitted that sometimes it was physically difficult for him to play lenny Belardo. And all because of the heavy clothing of the Pope, which was literally two gold-embroidered carpets. The huge metal crown on his head didn’t add to his comfort, either. “I could barely move, and I have no idea how a 70-80-year-old man does it, because I’m a pretty healthy 44-year-old man, but I was really uncomfortable.”