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Foreigners were scared by the appearance of the Ukrainian model. For them, it is terribly beautiful, and this is not an exaggeration

Foreign users of the Reddit site saw a model from Ukraine and can’t find words: her perfect figure seemed too extravagant to them. Guys do not understand why girls make themselves look like this, and Russian-speaking users meanwhile are scattered in compliments.

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A girl from Ukraine Alena Omovich has already earned the love and recognition of more than a million followers on instagram. In the name of beauty, the influencer has repeatedly changed her appearance with the help of plastic surgery and never hid it from her followers.

From the age of 15, the girl went into the modeling business, and by the age of 20, she began to share her training and nutrition tips with a gradually increasing number of followers. But the beauty decided to improve herself not only with the help of diet and sports — the first operation that Alena told subscribers about was mammoplasty.

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After that, the girl’s appearance began to change noticeably, and the proportions became more and more doll-like, which only made her more popular.

Now Omovich not only pleases subscribers with photos, but also produces her own line of underwear, for which she acts as a model.

In the comments, the girl receives a lot of compliments from subscribers.

However, while Alena’s Russian-speaking subscribers admired their idol, photos of the Ukrainian model were seen by foreign users of the Reddit site. And they didn’t understand such beauty.

“Why do girls want to look like this?”

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