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Haters criticized the new photos of Sarah Jessica Parker because of age. But fans found an argument in favor of wrinkles

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Fans saw the new images of Sarah Jessica Parker and realized that the era of the young Carrie Bradshaw was gone. And while haters assured – the actress looks older than real age, fans found an argument that the star of “Sex and the city” is aging perfectly.

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American actress Sarah Jessica Parker became famous for her role as Carrie Bradshaw in the TV series “Sex and the city” from producer Darren star. The situation Comedy was released from 1998 to 2004 and won fans ‘ hearts all over the world.

The army of fans, which mostly consists of girls, still prefers the classic story of four girls from new York.

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Celeb continues to be active in fashion (“Sex and the city” featured a variety of bows and Carrie’s passion for shoes). This time, Sarah Jessica Parker took part in a photo shoot in Manhattan, new York. The photos taken near seleba’s name boutique hit the tabloid pages and social networks on October 15. In the photo, the actress poses in a purple knitted Hanifa dress with a revealing slit. Sarah’s hair is loose and her face is covered in evening makeup.

Twitter users noticed that the 55-year-old actress and idol of millions has aged noticeably. Carrie Bradshaw’s fans didn’t recognize seleb and decided that Sarah looked much older than her real age. And the visual evidence that time is flying too fast has upset commentators.

The appearance of the actress reminded fans of the Italian fashion designer and the main figure of the Versace fashion house – Donatella Versace, who repeatedly surprised fans with a large number of plastic surgeries and unnatural, according to people, facial features.

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