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Paparazzi filmed Rihanna with bruises on her face. Blame the electric scooter, but fans think it’s an abuse

Paparazzi filmed Rihanna with bruises on her face after falling from an electric scooter, and fans are scared. Many fans catch flashbacks after the singer’s relationship with Chris brown and believe that instead of accidental bruises – abuse, and the rapper again took up the case.
On Saturday, September 5, TMZ published photos of Barbadian singer and actress Rihanna (real name-Robin Rihanna Fenty) with bruises and swelling on her face. Paparazzi spotted the singer of the hit Diamonds near a restaurant in Los Angeles. Later, a representative of the artist said that Ri was injured while walking on an electric scooter, but seleba’s health is not in danger.

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“Rihanna is fine now, but last week she rolled over on an electric scooter and hurt her forehead and face. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries and she is recovering quickly.”

However, the statement posted in the media did not convince fans who recalled Rihanna’s relationship with former hip – hop boyfriend Chris brown. In 2009, the rapper beat his beloved and fled the scene of the crime, and then voluntarily appeared in the police station (later celeb was accused of rape and illegal possession of exotic animals). The court sentenced Chris to community service and five years of probation. In October 2012, the couple got together, but the relationship lasted about a year.

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Many fans still can not forgive brown and claim that the performer has to do with the bruises on Ri’s face, and the fall from the electric scooter is just an excuse to avoid a repeat conflict and a negative reaction from fans.

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