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What a model with a plastic dependency looks like. With such a breast, life is a pain, but men are delighted

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The model once enlarged her Breasts — and became dependent on plastic surgery. A large bust sometimes makes her uncomfortable, but the girl does not regret anything. The main thing is that men are completely delighted with it.

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Amber May from England as a child, she said, was no different from other girls. She had a low-key appearance, and the British woman did not think that she would ever look different.

However, when amber turned 18, she lost weight dramatically, writes the Sun. Along with the kilograms, the breast volume went away — and the girl began to feel out of place.

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To correct the situation, amber decided to have plastic surgery for breast augmentation, for which she gave 5500 pounds (540 thousand rubles). May had expected the trip to the surgeon to be a one-time event, but it didn’t go according to plan.

“I was disappointed with the results of the operation. My Breasts were bigger, but not by much.”

The British woman signed up for a second procedure — and then everything is in a fog. The 22-year-old girl became dependent on operations and did not limit herself to Breasts. May injected fillers into her lips, had liposuction, a butt lift, rhinoplasty, and Botox.

According to Amber, when she was little, she dreamed of working with animals, but now she understands that her vocation is to be a model. In addition, as the heroine of the story says, she does it well.

As soon as the British woman finished her transformation, she was noticed by agents.

Moreover, as may admitted, now she has no end of suitors. Men write her messages every day, and some of them even offer to pay for her appearance expenses.

If a girl has no problems with guys, then sometimes there is a misunderstanding in the family. Despite the fact that her parents support her lifestyle, amber does not always tell them about her plans for the future, so as not to upset them once again.

The girl also has an account in Only Fans, where she sells her Nudes. This brings Amber a solid income — with the proceeds in 2019, she managed to buy a house with two rooms.

However, such magnificent forms sometimes cause problems for the hostess. Amber can’t go to the gym because the size of her Breasts and buttocks is too big for training, and any kind of physical activity is not recommended for her. So May does liposuction every six months.
In 2021, the British woman is going to go to Turkey to do plastic surgery again. There is a surgeon who has operated on Amber four times, and she trusts him completely.