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People are smitten by the girl’s appearance and fall in love with her. But few people know the true age of the beauty, even her grandchildren

Netizens admire the beauty of the girl, and many of them are in love with her. However, the truth about the age of the idol will surely surprise them, because she has long had children and grandchildren. But even if you know the secret of Granny, you will hardly believe that she is much more than 20 years old.

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Alice Vasquez, a yoga instructor from California, posts her photos on instagram every day, attracting the attention of not only men, but also women who admire her beauty.

Alice signed 33.2 thousand people, and many of them recognized his love for her, but they do not suspect that Vasquez no longer a girl and not even just a woman — she’s a grandmother, writes DailyStar.

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Looking at Alice’s perfectly clean skin, toned body and candid photos, it is very difficult to believe that she is actually 41 years old.

According to my grandmother, on the Internet and on the street with her constantly meet young guys and to the last refuse to believe in her words about the real age.

“Men say I look better than some girls in their 20s,” Vazquez said.

Alice gave birth to her first child at the age of 16, and three years later her second child was born. According to the woman, she devoted all her youth to their upbringing.
However, everything changed when the children turned 20 years old — at this age they both became parents themselves. Alice thinks that maybe that’s why she looks so young now-nature gives her a chance to live for herself.

“I was in my early twenties when I was a wild girl, completely absorbed in motherhood. I didn’t have a second to think about my life, I was in survival mode. But my thirtieth birthday meant more to me than my entire previous life. I became a grandmother and was able to start living for myself, finding a new goal.”

What this goal is, Alice does not say yet, but claims that she is now in the Prime of life and, despite the fact that she is actually considered a grandmother, does not allow this honorary title to restrain her inner youth.

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