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The girl from seven years saved up for plastic surgery and did not lose. One caveat: now they don’t want to win it, but to buy

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The model wanted to look like a doll from the age of seven and started saving money for plastic surgery. The dream came true, but suddenly the main drawback appeared: men had too literal an idea of what to do with Barbie.

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Instagram model from the Czech Republic Gabriela Jiráčková has loved princesses and dolls since childhood and always wanted to be like plastic beauties. The girl liked that the princesses live happily ever after, so she wanted to repeat their fate, writes the Daily Star.

From the age of seven, the girl began her career as a singer and even then began to save part of her monetary remuneration for future plastic surgery. Since it was not possible to save up for the procedure quickly, from the age of 13, Gabriela began to change her appearance with makeup.

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By the age of 17, Gabriela’s desire to look like Barbie had not disappeared, so she spent all the money she saved on performances as a child to pay for her first breast augmentation operation. In October 2020, the girl decided to have a second operation.

In total, to get the perfect shape, the girl had to spend about 190 thousand Czech crowns (8,364 dollars).

At the same time, Gabriela decided not to stop at breast augmentation. She also regularly inserts filler into her lips and jawline and uses Botox to remove facial wrinkles from her forehead. For three years, it cost the girl about a million Czech crowns ($44,010).

“I didn’t regret the money I invested, because it all came back to me a hundredfold,” Gabriela explained.

Indeed, according to the girl, she is approached by all sorts of cosmetic companies that want her to advertise their product.

The only thing that confuses the girl is the relationship with the opposite sex, because men, apparently, perceive it incorrectly.

“One selfie with a fan is enough for him to spread the word on the Internet that we are having an affair. Others write to my parents and beg them to marry me off, ” the blogger complained.

Most of all, Gabriela is confused by the fact that many men turn to her in private messages with commercial offers — they want to literally buy a girl and make her their wife.

“They actually write to me and claim that they can buy me. This is not what princesses dream of, so I try to ignore them.”

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