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The girl has got a waist like a five-year-old, and confuses passers-by. A year and a half in a corset-and the anatomy is broken

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The young mother was so dissatisfied with her forms that she decided to turn her figure into an hourglass. But her main task was not to lose weight, but to work with a corset. The girl wore it so hard that the girth of her waist was reduced to 38 centimeters.
Sammy Wilson from Georgia had to take matters into her own hands, not relying on the generosity of genes. The girl decided to wear a corset to improve her figure, and got so carried away that she reduced the girth of her waist by 31 centimeters, writes the Sun. Back in December 2018, Sammy weighed 91 kilograms and was desperate to fix it.

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From that moment, the American began to actively lose weight and in a few months lost several sizes. But that wasn’t enough for her. Most of all, the girl was not satisfied with her figure — according to Sammy, it was too square.

In April 2019, the American decided that it was time for harsh measures, and began to wear a corset. She trained herself to spend more than half a day in a tight bandage without feeling uncomfortable. Sammy gradually reduced his girth and in a year and a half managed to get a whole Arsenal of corsets.

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These efforts have borne fruit. For 17 months, Sammy’s waist has decreased, and the girl began to fit comfortably in a corset that does not allow the waist circumference to go beyond 38 centimeters. In it, an American woman looks like this.

“When I go out shopping, people stare at me. Sometimes they stop me and ask me why my waist is so small and if it hurts. Some people say I’m weird, call me a freak and ugly, or ask why I do this to myself, ” the Sun quoted the girl as saying.

Sammy does not hide the fact that without utyazhki her figure looks a little different, because wearing a corset has become a kind of competition for the American. She wants to learn how to stretch her volumes a little more to break the world record.

“Despite people’s concerns, it helps my health. I used to love to overeat, but now my corset doesn’t allow me to. It improves my posture so I won’t have a hump when I’m older, and it also helps my metabolism.”