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The girl looks like a model and steals men’s hearts. This is a victory: 3 years ago, it caused maximum pity

A Twitter user showed a photo of what she looked like in 2017, and people couldn’t believe their eyes. If now a girl falls in love with men, then three years ago she was the embodiment of the phrase “you can’t look without tears”. She herself is glad that she has changed, because it is not only about external data, but also about health.

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A girl from Twitter with the nickname hina ❋ blm runs a blog, where she often shares personal photos with subscribers.

In Hina’s photos, you can see that she is a slender girl who knows how to emphasize her advantages, including charm and simplicity, for which her subscribers loved her.

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However, on September 8, the girl admitted that she was not always so cheerful, because until 2017 she led a completely different lifestyle. To find herself, she had to fight a strong opponent — anorexia.

Eating disorders often turn a person’s life into a nightmare, taking away all the energy, and hina is no exception. Due to an unhealthy diet, in which hunger strikes alternated with stress and overeating, the girl lost a lot of weight.

So much so that her bones were barely covered by skin.

“It all started when I was 14 years old. Now I’m 20. the Fight took a lot of time and took a lot of effort, but I could, and everyone can, ” – the girl is sure.

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