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The girl steals the hearts of guys, using her charisma and nunchucks. She’s the female version of Bruce Lee

In the social network found a nice girl with a rather deceptive appearance. A seemingly fragile person can kick on any bully, and for this she does not even need to see the opponent. While some are wondering who this belligerent stranger is, others are sure that this is the illegitimate daughter of Bruce Lee.

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The user of Tiktok under the nickname feifei857 regularly publishes videos with fighting beautiful Asian women who are able to fight back against any offender. However, one of her videos attracted more attention than usual, gaining a million views.

The heroine of the video is a fragile girl who holds nunchucks in her hands so confidently that it seems as if she was trained in martial arts by Shaolin masters.

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With the help of her combat weapon, she manages to extinguish the flames on the candles placed in a row. It seems nothing special, but the girl turns the trick with an impenetrable mask over her eyes.

If extinguishing candles with this method does not impress you, then the trick with the egg and the bottle will not seem easy. The girl manages to remove the cap from the bottle with nunchakami without dropping the egg standing on top of it.

Poor little fly, sitting on another egg, from also was beat. The girl with a straight face, struck her with his nunchucks.

With bottles of water, the girl is able to do more than one trick. It hits the neck so that the liquid from one container begins to flow into another, without dropping them.

Incredible accuracy allows the girl with the help of nunchucks even throw a mint candy so that it clearly falls into a bottle of Cola.

You will review this video more than once.

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