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The girl was bullied because of her appearance, but she took her revenge beautifully (literally). Now the whole world knows her by sight

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A resident of Australia since childhood was subjected to ridicule by classmates because of appearance, but when she grew up and got prettier-it became even worse. No one took the girl seriously because of her appearance, and she had to take revenge. The world has never seen such a beautiful vendetta.

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Maria Tattil from Australia does not like to remember her school years, because she had to face bullying from classmates. As a little girl, the Australian was attacked because of her appearance, writes News.com.au.

As Maria recalls, she did not understand why her peers did not like her, because in her appearance there were no obvious distinctive features, such as a girl whose nature found a mate from birth.

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Whatever it was, up until high school, Tattil did not have the most pleasant relationships with classmates, which often affects later life.

Maria did not pretend to be another person, because in high school the situation began to change: the girl began to get prettier by leaps and bounds, and classmates switched to another object for trolling. It would seem that in the life of Tattil should come a bright streak, but she had other reasons for sadness.

By the time she finished school, Maria had become, she said, very attractive, and people began to question her intelligence. It was difficult for her to get a place at the University, because no one took her seriously. Even after admission, neither the teachers nor her classmates considered her a good student, although Maria always performed all tasks correctly.

The attitude of teachers did not prevent the girl from getting a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in human resources. After University, Maria’s misadventures did not end.

“I remember starting my career in recruitment when I was finishing my master’s degree, and I was very often spoken to based on how I looked. During the internship, I was told to be very friendly with people, because I am pretty and because of this, others may think that I am arrogant, ” said Maria.

With male employers in particular, communication was not much easier.

“One day the Manager commented on the brightness of my makeup and said that I was too concerned about the choice of clothes. Then he insinuated that I only got the job because I was pretty. Although I was interviewed on the phone.”

According to Maria, it was important for her to prove that human opinion should not become a reason for dislike for herself, so she decided to take revenge on all the offenders beautifully. In 2020, the girl won the title of “Miss universe Australia”.

Now Maria plans to use her popularity to highlight issues in the field of beauty standards. However, Tattil is not the only one who has proved that miracles are possible in the real world.