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The model spent a million dollars on plastic and broke the Matrix. Understand where she is, and where Kim Kardashian, can not fans

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A woman spent a fortune to become a copy of Kim Kardashian, and now the star’s fans have a hard time. The copy is so similar to the original that they are confused by ordinary passers-by and paparazzi, forcing all other people to believe even more in the existence of the Matrix.

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If you see on the streets of London the American star of a reality show that has come to an end after 14 years of broadcasting-Kim Kardashian, wipe your glasses or eyes. It is possible that your eyes are deceiving you, and in fact you are looking at 40-year-old British model and blogger Chali D. N.

This girl spares neither herself nor money to look like an idol, according to the YouTube channel Truly.

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According to Chali, the obsession with one of the Kardashian sisters began when she saw a photo of a celebrity and realized that they are similar as two drops of water, but with small differences.

“I followed her on instagram and thought: “God, it’s me.” In fact, we have a pretty similar style, so everything I see on her, I want myself, ” she explained.

A woman indulges her desires with pleasure and does not even think about the price that she has to pay for it. In her wardrobe you can find a designer dress for four thousand pounds (403 thousand), coat seven thousand (706 thousand) and shoes for a thousand (100 thousand rubles).

In total, their appearance blogger managed to spend a million pounds (100,8 million).

“I’m influencers, therefore, must constantly be in trend. Every season I have to change my clothes, which has already cost me a fortune, ” she said.

This isn’t the only thing Chali spends money on. In pursuit of the appearance of Kim, who is already suspected of divorcing Kanye West, she does not spare finances and beauty treatments, including Botox injections. According to the model, she started going to the cosmetologist as to her home, but she doesn’t plan to move on yet.

Numerous and expensive efforts seem to be paying off. According to the woman, she is constantly harassed on the street by people and photographers, taking for a star. This life suits the model perfectly.

“People tell me every minute that I look like Kim Kardashian. Every time they see me on the street, at parties, or whatever. I get stopped by people for photos all the time — I like the attention, it says I really look like Kim,” the woman added.

However, not all have to taste the passion of Chali. According to her, her parents and friends constantly ask her to slow down and stop throwing money around. However, it seems that the blogger can no longer be stopped: it is really hard to give up the lifestyle of a star when you are already used to it.

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