Trump has Promised a Golden Age for America

The coronavirus epidemic will soon be defeated, and the US will enter a “Golden Age – better than ever before!” according to US President Donald Trump. He made this statement on Twitter.

He contrasted this outcome with the possible election victory of his rival, Joe Biden. According to the us President, if the Democrats win, “markets will collapse and cities will burn,” and the country will suffer as never before.

In previous posts, Trump criticized the American media for one-sided coverage of the protests in Portland. According to him, the media paint the demonstrators as “cute and innocent”, while in reality they are mad anarchists who are ready to destroy American cities.

In Portland, demonstrators have been clashing with security forces for several days. Protesters are trying to damage government buildings in the center of the city, they are protected by Federal special forces, which were sent to the state of Oregon by the presidential administration.


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