Why the mosquitoes can’t carry coronavirus and HIV infection?

It is believed that mosquitoes do not carry HIV infection and coronavirus. Let’s see why these insects that drink human blood are not dangerous for people in terms of the spread of these diseases.

Why the mosquitoes can't carry coronavirus and HIV infection?
Why the mosquitoes can’t carry coronavirus and HIV infection?

Mosquitoes use human blood for life and reproduction. When bitten, the red liquid goes straight into the insect’s digestive tract, where it is quickly digested. Even if there are particles of infection in the blood, they will suffer the same fate. In this case, the virus will not have time to get to the glands responsible for producing secrets that insects use when biting. But it is through these secrets that the infection of diseases transmitted by mosquitoes occurs. The main point is the fact that the diseases that a person gets from an insect affect the mosquito itself. But-unlike malaria or West Nile fever, mosquitoes do not get sick with coronavirus, because this infection affects mainly warm-blooded animals. According to the scientists, there is a possibility that the virus can infect insects during mutations. However, in this case, most likely, it will lose the ability to attack warmbloods. The chances of a mechanical way of spreading infection (for example, on the legs or wings of insects) is negligible. So you can get infected only if the transfer involves a very large number of viral particles that will be able to overcome the protective barriers of the human respiratory system. At the same time, the coronavirus cannot penetrate the skin, specialists remind.


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